Clash Royale Puzzle Royale Explained

A short while ago, Clash Royale’s official Twitter account suddenly posted a mysterious message – #PuzzleRoyale, followed by a puzzle piece emoji. Naturally, fans were understandably puzzled (pun intended) by this tweet. Even more puzzling was what happened immediately after this tweet. Namely, when logging into the game, all players received a puzzle piece. But what is this puzzle really about? Well, we are going to take a look at this and try to piece together a solution in our Clash Royale Puzzle Royale Explained guide.

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Clash Royale Puzzle Royale Explained
Clash Royale Puzzle Royale Explained

What is Puzzle Royale in Clash Royale

The Puzzle Royale is a sort of fun viral marketing activity aimed at fans and players of the game. Each player account only gets one piece of the puzzle. This means that it is impossible to figure out or complete the entire puzzle just on your own. No, to find all the pieces, you need to interact with the rest of the player base on various social networks such as Twitter and Reddit, to see what their pieces are and to gather them all together and use a photo editing tool (such as Photoshop) to then piece them all into one clear image. Which is exactly what enterprising players have done in this Reddit thread.

As you can see, the image reveals a tree with a nest on top of it. And in this nest, an egg. The egg has some markings on it, which look like a silhouette of an arm wielding a rapier. As for what it is exactly – we don’t know. At least, not yet. But we can make a guess that this is most likely going to be a new Legendary card. After all, with all of this mystery and drummed-up excitement, it’s definitely going to be something good. We’re going to update this as soon as we know more.

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    Your reddit reference is to a computer generated image and my piece doesnt match any peices on that image.. you may want to update your sources.

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