Adopt Me Halloween Pets 2022, Zombie Wolf, Chickatrice, Basilisk

Looking for all Adopt Me new pets in Halloween 2022? It’s October, or should we say – Spooktober! And that means special Halloween events in many games, including Adopt Me! The developers of Adopt Me have prepared a special surprise for all gamers this October, which is coming earlier than you might expect. Read on to learn all about new Halloween pets in Adopt Me. Including Chickatrice, Lava Dragon, Basilisk, Chimera and Slug. And new mini-games, such as Hide and Seek, Spleef, and Simon Says.

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Adopt Me Halloween Pets 2022, Lava Dragon, Basilisk, Chimera & Slug
New Adopt Me Pets, Halloween 2022 Event

Adopt Me Halloween 2022 Update New Pets – Chickatrice, Lava Dragon, Basilisk, Chimera and Slug

The 2022 Halloween event in Adopt Me will be the biggest one yet! Starting on Thursday, October 6th, this year’s event will last for four weeks. And each week, there will be new content. The very first new thing you’ll spot on Adoption Island is a new and spooky Halloween Shop. And, of course, it comes with a host of new Halloween-themed items. This includes new “spooky” pets – Chickatrice, Lava Dragon, Basilisk, Chimera, Evil Basilisk, and Slug. Then, there are new vehicle designs, such as the Shadow Bike and the Throwing Knife Board. Finally, there is a bunch of other items for your pets and other toys. Of course, all with a “spooky” theme.

All these new items can be purchased with brand new “candy” currency. You can get this new currency either by buying it with Robux or earning it by playing the newly added mini-games for the Halloween event. Currently, there are two mini-games. One is Spleef, where you have to stay on the honeycomb tiles and avoid being knocked off. The other game is Simon Says, where your task is “ignore evil unicorn’s nasty lies”. For now, that’s all we know about the event! What are your thoughts? Share with us in the comments. The Halloween event starts on October 6th at 5 pm CEST / 4 pm BST / 11 am ET / 8 am PT.

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    will it be there for ever the lava drag

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      No, its like the shadow dragon, it will leave when the event is done

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