Clash of Titans SBC FIFA 22

The FIFA 22 Clash of Titans SBC is a new squad building challenge that you have until October 23rd to complete and get a rare mega pack as a reward. It’s relatively complicated; it has a laundry list of requirements that the team you put together has to meet. It’s kinda hard to keep them all in mind and build a squad on top of that. So, we’ve put together this guide to hopefully help you out.

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clash of titans sbc fifa 22
Clash of Titans SBC FIFA 22

How to Complete Clash of Titans SBC in FIFA 22

To complete the FIFA 22 Clash of Titans SBC, you need to submit a team that has a rating of at least 80 with a minimum Chemistry of 95 and at least five Rare Cards. On top of that, the team has to have a maximum of two players from the same league, a maximum of two players from the same club, and at least four players from the same nation. That’s a lot of requirements to meet, yes, but then again, this challenge rewards you with a rare mega pack, so it’s worth the effort. Plus, it’s a non-repeatable challenge that expires on October 23rd, so there’s not a lot of time left. With all that said, let’s dive right in.

In the list below, we’ll show you a squad that should be the cheapest, according to FUTBIN. It’s not the only option, of course; there are many, many different combinations that you can make that fit the criteria. For example, YouTuber Adam_Fut solved the FIFA 22 Clash of Titans SBC in a completely different way, as you can see in their video here. Anyway, on with the list.

  • Goalkeeper: Fernando Muslera (Galatasaray, 81 rating)
  • Center back: Diego Godín (Cagliari, 80 rating)
  • Center back: Sebastián Coates (Sporting CP, 83 rating)
  • Center back: José Giménez (Atlético de Madrid, 84 rating)
  • Left wing back: Lucas Olaza (Real Valladolid, 78 rating)
  • Right wing back: Damián Suárez (Getafe, 78 rating)
  • Center middle: Nicolás Lodeiro (Seattle Sounders, 80 rating)
  • Center middle: Rodrigo Bentancur (Piemonte Calcio, 78 rating)
  • Left wing: Diego Rossi (Ferbahçe, 76 rating)
  • Right wing: Nicolas López (Tigres, 76 rating)
  • Striker: Jonathan Rodríguez (Cruz Azul, 80 rating)
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