FIFA 22 Rivals Rewards Time

If you are a long-time FIFA fan, then you have probably already heard that the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) Champions and Division Rivals systems have been overhauled since the previous entry. On the surface, these new mechanics make these modes much more complicated to play and figure out. Never fear, our FIFA 22 Rivals Rewards Time guide has been written with just that in mind. Here, we will explain everything you need to know about this, how it functions, and how to play it.

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FIFA 22 Rivals Rewards Time

What Time is Rivals Rewards FIFA 22

Division Rivals rewards in FIFA 22 are slated to begin every Thursday, at 7 am GMT/8 am BST. Like we mentioned, the way this used to work has been altered. Now there is a new ladder system in place, so the way you move up in Divisions and earn rewards has likewise changed. Each Division is made up of Ranks. When you progress in ranks, you also unlock better Stages and Weekly Challenges. There are also Checkpoints which save your progress. When you win a match, you will advance Stages. When you lose or play a draw, you will move back one Stage, unless you are at a Checkpoint. If you win two matches in a row, this will start a Win Streak. While on a Win Streak, every match you win will advance you a Stage.

All the players in FIFA 22 will start in Division 10, and will have to work their way up to higher Divisions. Also, there is the Elite Division. This is a new type elite competitions that go beyond Division 1. The top 200 players of this Elite Division are on the Global Leaderboard. Once you reach this Division, you will stay there until the end of the Season. In general, the higher you climb, the better the Weekly Rewards you earn will be.

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