Clover Marker Find the Markers

You can only find and collect the Clover Marker in Find the Markers in March. Well, it’s now March, so it’s time to go looking. The problem is that you have to solve a puzzle in order to unlock this particular marker. It’s not really easy to figure out. That’s why, in this guide, we are going to explain how to get the Clover Marker. Let’s begin!

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clover marker find the markers
Clover Marker Find the Markers

How to Get Clover Marker in Find the Markers

To get and find the Clover Marker in Find the Markers, you first need to climb onto the wooden house that we will show you in the screenshots below. You can get to the roof by using the “ladders” on the side. From there, hop onto the “mountain” to the left. You can reach this place by walking across vines from a different vantage point, but this is the faster, less annoying way. Next, turn your back to the house and head forward. Eventually, you’ll find a small outcropping below you with a large rock and a four-leaf clover. Touch it, and the game will teleport you to a different area that’s full of clovers. Don’t worry, we’re almost there.

The next step to find and get the Clover Marker in Find the Markers is to find and pick the one four-leaf clover in what’s basically a room full of three-leaf clovers. It’s location is always random, so comb through the place patiently. It’s not a very large area; it shouldn’t take too long. Once you pick the four-leaf clover (make sure to stand and click right on it), another three-leaf clover will grow an extra leaf. So, find and pick that one. Keep going until you hear the little party blower sound straight from Five Nights at Freddy’s. This means that the Clover Marker has spawned somewhere in the room. All that’s left to do is for you to find and collect it.

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