Cocoa Cookie Toppings Cookie Run Kingdom

Cocoa Cookie Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom are a matter of some interest among the game’s fanbase, which is completely understandable, since it’s a brand new cookie. People want to know how to best build the cookie to make it as efficient as possible. Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be covering in this guide; we’ll show you what we consider to be the best CRK Cocoa Cookie toppings.

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cocoa cookie toppings cookie run kingdom
Cocoa Cookie Toppings Cookie Run Kingdom

Best Toppings for Cocoa Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

The best toppings for Cocoa Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom will depend on what you want to use it for, as is always the case. First off, let’s cover what the cookie’s role actually is. For one, she resides in the front row, as we’ve covered in this previous guide. Also, her class is Defense, meaning that you kinda want her to work as a tank. Lastly, her special ability is summoning a giant mug of cocoa that she hops into and attacks enemies, becoming immune to the stun effect. This move also heals allied Cookies (but not summons). On top of all that, Cocoa’s regular attack heals three allies with the lowest HP.

So, in my opinion, the best toppings for Cocoa Cookie in CRK are either five Solid Almond, five Swift Chocolate, or a combo of three of one and two of the other. If you go the full Solid Almond route, you’ll give Cocoa a bunch of extra damage resistance, which I feel should gel really well with her tanky nature. On the other hand, the Swift Chocolate option lets Cocoa use her special ability more often, which can be extremely useful, too. And a combination of the two in a 3×2 ratio can kinda give you the best of both worlds. This is a new cookie, of course, so there definitely be more options that are just as viable. Share your preferred build with us in the comments below.

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