CoD Mobile Season 10 Best Guns

The best guns in CoD Mobile do vary over time, and Season 10 will probably be no different. After all, it’s going to bring two new guns into the mix, which may or may not upset the current meta. That said, there are a number of different rifles that are definitely better than others and deserve their spots as fan favorites. We’ll list them for you in our CoD Mobile Season 10 Best Guns guide.

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cod mobile season 10 best guns
CoD Mobile Season 10 Best Guns

Best Guns in CoD Mobile Season 10

The best guns in CoD Mobile Season 10 include the seven guns we’ve listed below, in no particular order. Everyone has their own gameplay preferences, so your mileage may vary; that’s why we’re not ranking these in a specific order. Some of you like ARs or SMGs (and there’s a lot of variety between these, too), while others prefer to use snipers or whatever. Plus, the developers nerf or buff weapons every so often to balance the meta, so which guns are best will also depend on when you’re playing. With all the disclaimers out of the way, let’s get into the actual list.

  • Holger-26 – The Holger-26 LMG is a beast. It has next to no recoil or aim shake, but does have a hundred-round magazine and other fantastic attributes.
  • M13 – For many people, this is the best gun in the game, certainly the best AR, with its fire rate, low recoil, and general versatility.
  • QQ9 – This SMG is the best one in the game. It does shake quite a bit when aiming, but its speed, recoil, and fire rate more than make up for it.
  • Type 25 – Another player favorite, the Type 25 handles well, fires fast, and is a good friend to have in close quarters.
  • DL Q33 – This gun is by far the best sniper in the game. It has great performance in pretty much every category. If you like using snipers, there’s no better choice.
  • MX-9 – While the MX-9 doesn’t truly shine in any particular category, it does offer a lot of flexibility for that exact reason, no matter which mode you’re playing.
  • Locus – This sniper rifle offers fantastic damage and fire rate, but falls short in the after-shot recoil aspect. That’s why it doesn’t beat the DL Q33, but it is a decent option.
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