Anime Fighting Simulator Codes - Roblox November 2021

Ever since it first came out in 2019, Anime Fighting Simulator has been one of the more popular Roblox creations out there. As its name suggests, this game allows you to take part in training and fighting using characters from many of the best-known anime creations, such as Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Demon Slayer, and more. Of course, like other such popular Roblox titles, Anime Fighting Simulator also has codes that make playing it easier. Our Anime Fighting Simulator Codes – Roblox November 2021 guide will list out all of the currently valid codes. Before we get into the list itself, a brief disclaimer first. These codes can only be enabled or disabled by the developers of the game. So, if any of them aren’t working, it’s not our fault and there isn’t anything we can do about it on our end.

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Anime Fighting Simulator Codes - Roblox November 2021

Codes for Anime Fighting Simulator – Roblox November 2021

And now, without further ado, the list of all Anime Fighting Simulator Codes for November 2021:

  • 300ksubstigretv – Chikara Shards.
  • kelvin600k – Chikara Shards.
  • Defildpromo – Chikara Shards.
  • Mrrhino50k – Chikara Shards.
  • defild700k – Chikara Shards.
  • Tigre200k – Chikara Shards.
  • GGgames40k – Chikara Shards.
  • n1colas2sub – Chikara Shards.
  • tigretvsub – Chikara Shards.
  • Sub2tanqr – Chikara Shards.
  • subfrango – Chikara Shards.
  • L3NI – Chikara Shards.
  • bigboi100k – Chikara Shards.
  • thanksbugfixes – Chikara Shards.
  • defildstream – Chikara Shards.
  • sub2hakimbo – Chikara Shards.
  • secretrazorfishcode – Chikara Shards.
  • NNG – Chikara Shards.
  • elemperador100k! – Chikara Shards.
  • emperadorsubs – Chikara Shards.
  • subtodefildplays – Chikara Shards.
  • anotherbugfix – Chikara Shard.
  • medtw50k – Chikara Shard.
  • sub2defildplays – 1,500 Chikara Shards.
  • 2millionsingroup! – 30,000 Chikara Shards.
  • 1billionvisits! – 75,000 Chikara Shards.
  • Emperadorstar – 5,000 Chikara Shards.
  • emperadorwapo – 1,500 Chikara Shards.
  • Frangonewcode – 1,000 Chikara Shards.
  • Defildyen – Yen.
  • frango2yen – Yen.
  • sub2tplanetmilo – Yen.
  • subtomrrhino – Yen.
  • sub2razorfishgaming – Yen.
  • subtokelvingts – Yen.

How to Redeem Anime Fighting Simulator Codes

First, go into the Anime Fighting Simulator game. Once in te game, look for the Twitter icon. It is on the left side of the screen. Click on it. This will bring up the code screen. Since the codes are case-sensitive, it’s best to copy them directly from our list and paste them into this field. Finally, click the Enter button and your code rewards will be redeemed.

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