COD Mobile Sorry, An Unexpected Error Occurred, Can’t Log In

Players receiving the Call of Duty Mobile “Sorry, An Unexpected Error Occurred” message while logging into COD Mobile should know that this has become a widespread issue over the last few days. This Call of Duty Mobile login error started troubling COD Mobile players on January 10th, when many discovered they could not log into their Activision account. Here’s what we know about this COD Mobile login error and if it can be fixed.

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COD Mobile  Sorry, An Unexpected Error Occurred, Can’t Log In
COD Mobile Login Error

Call of Duty Mobile “Sorry, An Unexpected Error Occurred” Login Error Explained

Since January 10th 2023, numerous players have started reporting COD Mobile login issues. In particular, the COD Mobile “Unexpected Error” glitch is the main culprit here. So, why is this happening? To be perfectly frank with you, at the moment, no one knows the reason behind this error. And, at the time of writing, the developers have yet to acknowledge the problem.

“I’m not able to login into my account since morning. I tried re-installing the game, but it’s still not working. Please help,” wrote Reddit user AhadDaBoss2005. And he is just one of many players reporting this issue in the last 24 hours. And they are all getting the same COD Mobile login error message: “Sorry, An Unexpected Error Occurred”.

Coincidentally, a day before this error started appearing, Call of Duty Mobile was accidentally removed from the Apple Store. This issue with iOS devices has now been fixed, but could it be connected to this error? It’s hard to say, especially because the login error is troubling both Android and iOS players.

For now, that’s all we know about this annoying issue. Nevertheless, we will follow the situation closely and update the article as soon as new details emerge. Do you maybe know a workaround? Share it with us in the comments section!

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  1. A

    How im gonna log in i have only cod mobile account

  2. D
    Dave Hayes

    Been like that for me since 6amEST….Crazy thing is I can log in and play on same device with guest acct…

  3. M
    matej horvat

    ¸I have same ploblem!

  4. H
    Hor Net

    Its not only mobile, try to login on the website. Same error…

  5. W
    without name

    Has it been attacked by hackers? Someone had a similar opinion

  6. C
    Captain Howdy

    Me too, call of duty mobile sign in email screen is just hanging and hanging for 10 mins. the one time it loaded up and actually let me sign in it gave me a 504 error time out after I entered my password…. after trying to reinstall game I now only get the ‘Sorry, an unexpected error has occurred…….’ as featured in the pic above.. It starated from today 11th January 2023

  7. N

    Got hit with this issue yesterday. Removed and re-downloaded the app from the App Store and it’s still not letting me sign in.

  8. M
    Mohan Chaudhari (Android legend)

    It’s working now… Try to login again 🤣

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