COD Vanguard Battle Pass Problem Explained

Call of Duty Vanguard has arrived, but many fans are finding a problem with the battle pass which needs to be explained. Part of this comes from the fact that it will integrate with Warzone in December. In addition, it is possible to buy early access. Add this to the fact that certain battle passes are only for pre-season. Read on as we explain the COD Vanguard Battle Pass problem.

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COD Vanguard Battle Pass Problem Explained
COD Vanguard Battle Pass Problem Explained

The Vanguard Battle Pass falls into two parts. This is the pre-season and the season 1 battle pass. You must buy pre-season separate, while the season one pass comes with the Ultimate Edition of the game. As the season does not begin until December, even if you did buy Ultimate Edition, you won’t get it until release.

Can’t Buy Cod Vanguard Battle Pass

The Vanguard Battle Pass only comes with the Ultimate Edition. It is not available to buy separately. This is the most expensive of the editions that are on offer. As well as the game, it also includes a Frontline Weapons Pack, Task Force One Pack, and 5 hours 2 x XP with 5 hours WXP.  You also get a Warzone Pacific Map that will be available on December 1st.

Don’t Have Cod Vanguard Battle Pass Even I Bought Ultimate Edition & Battle Pass Bundle

Even if you did buy the Ultimate Edition along with the Battle Pass Bundle, you may not have the Vanguard pass yet. This will start in the first week of December. It will only unlock battle passes for Vanguard, not previous game battle packs.

Cod Vanguard Battle Pass – Pre-Season

To make matters more confusing, Ultimate Edition contains the pass for season one, which arrives at the start of December. It does not include the battle pass for pre-season. Even if you did pay for Ultimate Edition, you will still need to pay for pre-season.

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  1. F
    Frederick walter Tuttle

    so I bought ultimate edition and the preseason, yet showing level one and none of the skins included are available. what am I missing

    1. D
      David Luck

      Shelled out an extra $99 to get ahead, I’m experiencing the same exact greyed out experience. Wth. Battle pass will go through the celebration but not allow me any of the prizes.

  2. W

    I have this issue where I unlocked everything in the battle pass but it’s grey and I can’t equip any of it.

  3. T

    I have the preseason battle pass and nothing is being rewarded to me. It’s all greyed out.

    1. S

      I haven’t got rewarded anything either

  4. C

    I bought the battle pass and none of the unlocks are for multiplayer in vanguard?!? Someone please explain because I just wasted good cod points for nothing!!?

  5. M

    I’m having the same problem. Has anyone figured it out yet?

    1. J

      The Preseason battle pass is for COD Cold War and Warzone, there are 13 free additions for Vanguard but the Preseason battle pass is not for Vanguard.

  6. K

    Not sure what the hell is going on with the Battle Pass in Call of Duty Vanguard since it’s all showing me the I have unlocked all rewards but I have got them in my inventory and all the XP bonuses and extra COD points I did buy the Ultimate Edition bit disappointed things alway glitches out on me not sure why this always happens to me

  7. L

    So I’ve bought a battle pass in vanguard that only gives items for games that I don’t even play… great…

    1. P

      Bought the season one battle pass on vanguard and I’m on level 69 stuck for about a week now what’s going on

  8. R

    This is crazy I bought the battle pass and not getting rewards is this just a way for them to get all this free money with no repercussions think I’ll switch to other games to dump alot of money into that gives rewards

  9. J

    Have unlocked al tiers on battle pass but have not gotten the rewards… I paid for the battle pass and cannot use a single item?! I smell a class action 🤔

  10. A

    This is ridiculous. So… What did I spend this money for? COD you’re messing up and making A LOT of your customers angry!

  11. B

    I bought battle bundle, but instead it gave me the normal one (1000) and took away more than that.

  12. J

    Not getting any battle pass exp.

  13. P
    peter lucas

    Same as everyone my battle pass is lock, can’t see the point in playing, not getting anywhere

  14. C

    Paid 1500 cp for batle pass Caldera hits and no pass cp is gone but no pass….also why was it 1500?
    Shouldn’t it be 1000? I’m confused and frustrated

  15. J

    I’m experiencing the same issues. I ranked all the way to 101 in the preseason. Bought the ultimate edition. And I’m not getting experience or rank ups or unlocks yet I show a level 23 for season one on my badge!? WTF

  16. J
    Jose Hernandez

    what happened to the extra money I paid. They took the CP.

  17. J

    when are they going to fix this problem??

  18. P

    So I cant get on the battle pass at all keeps making me go back to the screen where you pick a game mode for warzone what do I do to fix it

  19. J
    James Y

    Luckily I haven’t purchased vanguard yet and after reading these comments, kinda glad I have waited and didn’t spend the extra money. I wanted to see gameplay first before buying and see if any bugs or glitches happened. Wouldn’t expect this kind of thing to happen from COD, for the most part they have their stuff together and on top of things.

    Maybe it would have been better to wait for season one to come out and for people that have and play Warzone they could have bought the season one battle pass on Warzone specifically with CP and then all the rewards and content should link to vanguard (once you got the game or if you already had it) through the same COD account if I’m correct or do you have to buy the pass on both if you play both which wouldn’t make sense since its cross progression? The battle pass is supposed to be linked with Warzone Pacific and Vanguard. Battle pass hasn’t been confusing until Vanguard came out.

    Trying to figure out if I should buy the warzone battle pass now and then get Vanguard cross gen bundle or wait for this to get fixed since the ultimate edition is bugging and if I do then the battle pass should be active for both Warzone and Vanguard no matter which version I buy cause that’s what it seemed like to me or is it more complicated than that?

  20. W
    Wayne tuppen

    It’s season 2 but I’m still on battlepass one, plus there’s a challannge on my screen I’ve completed but it won’t go, so where season two battlepass

  21. M
    Mike B

    Don’t waste your money on Battle Pass. Nothing to gain.

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