Control How Long To Beat Main Story, Side Missions - Game Length

How long to beat Control is one of the biggest questions surrounding the game at this point – apart from “is it any good”. If you’re interested, you’re probably wondering how many hours you’ll get to sink into it before you’ve wrung it dry. Or perhaps you’re asking how long it’ll take to finish just the main story, so you can jump onto the next thing. If you’re wondering about the game’s length, this guide will show you how long to beat Control main story, side missions.

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control how long to beat main story side missions
Control How Long To Beat Main Story, Side Missions – Game Length

The official estimate, coming from communications director Thomas Puha, is that the average player will need around 10-15 hours to complete the main story. That includes doing the odd side mission and not worrying about collectibles. However, we’ve heard reports about people needing around 8 hours for the story alone. If you’re not interested in exploring, that’s probably the shortest amount of time you can spend with the game.

On the other hand, there is a lot to do beside the story. There are eighteen side missions and more than two hundred collectibles. The devs claim you might need around 20 hours if you’re a completionist, but we’ve heard of players needing around 30-35 to collect each thingamajig, complete every side quest and obtain every single trophy.

Control difficulty settings

There are no difficulty settings in Control. Everyone gets the exact same experience, in that regard at least. While that might be a downer if you were hoping you’d get to tweak the challenge according to your skill level and amount of free time, there’s an upside here as well. There’s no reason to replay the game, and no achievements tied to beating it on a certain difficulty, which means your first playthrough will likely be your last as well.

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  1. B

    How is the fact that there’s no reason to replay the game and no difficulty trophies an upside? Upside for me is now I know not to purchase the game. Personally I have found 95% of games with no difficulty setting far too easy (Hell I never even level up my characters in the souls games) and I just plain don’t have fun with cakewalk games.

    1. R

      I hear ya, I just beat this a couple days ago and found all collectibles, all side missions, mains missions, etc. Now that I have the game controls down I wanna play through it again (paying more attention to collectible stories and lore this time) but I want it more challenging than the first playthrough! The game is not really THAT big to warrant saying we would rather you just explore more. Just add a harder difficulty level than can only be activated after beating the game once on Normal (that way everyone still has the same experience but can enjoy more time with the game). Not to mention my first playthrough was riddled with Audio bugs that left out entire sections of story dialogue where characters just wouldn’t produce any audio in conversations (no subtitles, no audio, no lip movements…)

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