Control What A Mess - Pump Station Door Puzzle - Clear The Clog

What a Mess is one of the main story missions in Control. One of the objectives in it is to clear the clog. For this, you’ll have to descend to the pump station in the Maintenance area. It’s mostly straightforward, but there’s a locked door puzzle in it that might block your progress. If you’re struggling with it, our Control What A Mess mission guide will help you solve it.

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How to open locked doors in Pump Station?

When you reach the locked door, look to the left. You’ll see a square receptacle on the wall. When you place an orange cube into it, the door will open. There’s no cube in that room, so you’ll have to get past the door without opening it. To the right of the door, there’s a ledge you can climb onto. Once you’re up, look down and to the left. Use the cube on the receptacle on the right to open the farther door. It’ll lead you into a closet, where you’ll find another cube. Take it and put it into the first receptacle.

Now take the cube that’s holding the closet door open and bring it into the room with the clog. You’ll see another receptacle on the wall opposite the door. Put the cube into it and you’ll complete the objective.

Puzzles like this one become commonplace quickly afterwards. When you solve a handful of them, you’ll definitely get the hang of it, but the first one might throw you off a bit. Just keep in mind that you can pull the cubes out of the sockets after you’ve placed them. This will allow you to do more with less – not every socket has to be filled in order to progress. Once you’ve solved a few of these, you’ll become a master yourself.

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