Cookie Run Kingdom Crimson Coral Cookie

Crimson Coral Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom is the new cookie coming in the Mermaid’s Tale Part 2 update on August 2nd. In this guide, we are going to share everything we know about the upcoming character. We’ll talk about what type she is, where she stands in the party, what her skills are and what the best toppings are. Let’s begin!

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cookie run kingdom crimson coral cookie
Cookie Run Kingdom Crimson Coral Cookie

Crimson Coral Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

According to the in-game news bulletin, Crimson Coral is going to be a Defense-type Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. We don’t know for certain which position in the party she will take, but it seems like it will be the front row. Her skill is called Somber Affection. What does it do? Well, her sisters lend their power to the crimson spear, “piercing enemies and dealing damage.” After that, Crimson Coral casts an HP Shield on the two allies with the highest ATK (except herself) “equal to a portion of her Water-type skill damage.” If the cookie is the only one standing in the front row, she and her allies receive the Coral Armor buff. The armor’s size and weight reduces Knockback and Flying. When using her skill, Crimson Coral is not affected by Atk Spd changes and becomes “resistant to interrupting effects.”

So, that’s all we know about the upcoming Crimson Coral Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. Her launch date should be August 30th, from which point you’ll be able to pull her from the gacha system. As for what her ideal build would be toppings-wise, we can’t say for certain just yet. Based on what we know, I’d say either full Solid Almond to keep Crimson Coral alive for longer, or full Swift Chocolate in order to spam her skill as often as possible. Maybe a combination of the two, depending on your overall party. We’ll see if I’m right when the new cookie launches.

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