Cookie Run Kingdom Kouign Amann Cookie

The Kouign Amann Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom is a new character that has been introduced in the Triple Cone Cup. Well, to those of you that have been admitted to her school, of course. There’s not a lot of information about this cookie. So, in this guide, we’ll share all the info we have, plus some educated guesses.

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cookie run kingdom kouign amann cookie
Cookie Run Kingdom Kouign Amann Cookie

Kouign Amann Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

The Kouign Amann Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom is the leader of the Creme Knights school, aka the paladins. So, if that’s the school you get sorted in while playing the Triple Cone Cup, you’ll get to meet her. It’s kinda fun how, like all other paladins, she’s named after a French type of cookie. It’s pronounced something like KUNYA MANN, in case you were wondering. She claims to be an undefeated paladin, which is pretty cool I suppose. Now, at the time of writing, we don’t know anything more about her. And unlike Capsaicin and Prune Juice, she is not a playable character as far as we know. Therefore, we can’t really say much about her.

The best we can do at the moment when it comes to the Cookie Run Kingdom Kouign Amann Cookie is speculate and make some educated guesses. Assuming she’s anything like Financier (who is another paladin), then Kouign might be another Defense type of cookie. It would somewhat stand to reason, given that Capsaicin is a Charge and Prune Juice is a Bomber. If I’m correct, then perhaps her skill is also going to focus on healing the rest of the party. In that case, then going with a combined Swift Chocolate and Solid Almond build would probably be the best way to go. Obviously, we can’t say anything for certain right now. We’ll have to wait until we have more info.

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