My Restaurant Alien Customer

My Restaurant is a Roblox game from the makers of Pet Simulator X. In it, your task is to build up the best restaurant that you can and to serve as many customers as possible. Speaking of customers, the latest update to the game has added a very surprising one to MR. The customer in question is none other than the Alien Customer. But how can you get this customer to come and visit your restaurant? In this guide, we’re going to explore how the Alien Customer functions in My Restaurant and what you can do to attract one (or more!) of these to your fine eating establishment.

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My Restaurant Alien Customer
My Restaurant Alien Customer

How to Get Alien Customer in My Restaurant

First of all, you can increase your chances of getting an Alien Customer by purchasing various new Alien-themed items and then placing them in your restaurant. These items include the Alien Throne, UFO Table, and Black Hole Display Case, among others. The more of these you have in your restaurant, the greater the chances of getting an Alien Customer. Secondly, if you want to get one to your restaurant, the best strategy is to serve as many (regular) customers as you can. Eventually, an Alien Customer is bound to show up.

So optimize your restaurant’s efficiency so that you can get and serve the largest possible amount of customers. You will know that an Alient Customer has spawned in the game as you will get a message on the global chat that reads: “An Alien Customer has entered ____ restaurant.” With any luck, it will be yours. The biggest positive about having an Alien Customer come to eat at your restaurant are the gigantic tips they leave. For example, our Alien Customer ordered a dish that cost 130$, and left a 15.600$ tip!

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