Cookie Run Kingdom Silence Explained

There are all sorts of effects in Cookie Run Kingdom. These can generally fall under buffs (which are positive effects), and debuffs (negative effects). Of course, it’s a bit more complicated than that, as there are also passives, marks, and crowd control effects, as well as those reserved for bosses and some other enemies. One of the more interesting effects in CRK is Silence. While its name is very easy to understand, what this effect does exactly isn’t as straightforward as its name might suggest. So if you unsure about how Silence works in CRK and what it does, our Cookie Run Kingdom Silence Explained guide is here to tell you everything you need to know about it.

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Cookie Run Kingdom Silence Explained
Cookie Run Kingdom Silence Explained

Silence in Cookie Run Kingdom

As they say “Silence is golden.” But what does Silence actually do in Cookie Run Kingdom? Well, Silence falls under the debuff effect category. More specifically, under Crowd Control debuffs. It causes Skill Cooldown to be paused and cannot be used for the duration of this effect. If you have ever played an RPG with lost of mage characters, then you know how important it is to not let them get their spells off. And, since they require their voices to be able to cast spells, Silencing them is essentially as good as taking them out of the fight altogether.

You should think of Silence in CRK in much the same way. There are several Cookies that can cause this effect. One of them is Cream Unicorn Cookie, as well as Latte Cookie and her “Care for a Latte?” Skill. With it, Latte Cookie will conjure a Latte Glyph that pulls enemies to it, dealing damage, and, most importantly – silencing them in the process. Though, as the Silence effect from this skill doesn’t have a long duration, the best use for this is to cancel a particularly powerful attack of the enemy.

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