Cookie Run Kingdom Snapdragon Cookie Guide

Snapdragon Cookie is one of the two latest cookies (the other being Tarte Tatin Cookie) to get added to Cookie Run Kingdom. This Special Cookie is part of the Legend of the Red Dragon update. It is of the Support type and its position is to the Rear. We are going to go over everything you need to know about it in our Cookie Run Kingdom Snapdragon Cookie Guide, including what its skill, the best toppings for Snapdragon Cookie in CRK, and also how to hatch a Dragon Egg.

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Cookie Run Kingdom Snapdragon Cookie Guide
Cookie Run Kingdom Snapdragon Cookie Guide

Best Toppings for Snapdragon Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

Snapdragon Cookie’s skill is called Arcane Blossom. Here’s its description: “As an ancient entity, Snapdragon Cookie is safeguarded and invulnerable to enemy attacks. The elder magic of their skill will bloom snapdragons, periodically healing the team’s HP and granting a buff providing Stun resist, increased Debuff Resist, increased ATK, increased DMG Resist, and an HP Shield. Elder magic grants Dragon Cookies Draconic Lifeforce, increasing the Max HP of Dragon Cookies.”

As such, the best toppings for Snapdragon Cookie is to go all in on x5 Swift Chocolate (in order to reduce the cooldown on its skill). Of course, this is just preliminary, and it could very well change once we’ve had more time to play with Snapdragon Cookie. If that does turn out to be the case, we are going to update the guide with new topping selections.

How to Hatch Dragon Egg in Cookie Run Kingdom

You can get the Snapdragon Cookie by hatching it from the Dragon Egg. This can be done by heating the Dragon Egg until it reaches the optimal temperature and the Snapdragon Cookie hatches. To heat up the egg, you’ll need Purity Crystals or Searing Snapdragon Jellies. You can attempt to do this with the Purity Crystals three times per day, and you have a higher chance of getting it from the Dragon Egg when using Searing Snapdragon Jellies.

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