TOTK Stuck in a Well Solutions

In our TOTK Stuck in a Well Solutions guide, we are going to show you how to get out of a well in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. It seems that a lot of people hop into a well and then don’t know how to get Link out. Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal. The solutions are really simple, so let’s get straight into it.

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totk stuck in a well solutions
TOTK Stuck in a Well Solutions

How to Get out of Well in Tears of the Kingdom – TOTK Stuck Solutions

If you’re stuck in a well in Zelda TOTK or Tears of the Kingdom, there are several solutions you can use to get out. Well, two of them, to be exact. The first one is to use fast travel. Just open the map, find any shrine or Skyview Tower or whatever and teleport over there. That’s the simplest way to do it, but there’s a good chance that it will take you far away from your previous location. That’s not necessarily what you always want, right? Well, luckily, there’s a second method: Ascension. Yup, the power that let’s you phase through a platform above you can also get you through the actual ground. So, activate Ascension, find a place above you that you can use it on, and boom, you’re back on the surface.

And there you go, those are the solutions you can use to get out of a well if you’re stuck in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom or TOTK. One more thing we have to add, though: once you’re in a well, it pays to explore around. Try to find a secret wall that you can blow up or anything like that; you get the idea. Sometimes, this can open a secret room with resources, and even a whole new area to snoop around in. Tears of the Kingdom is chock-full of hidden stuff, so it’s always worth checking every corner. You might even come across a “proper” exit.

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