Crusader Kings 3 Release Time Xbox, PS5, Game Pass

The Crusader Kings 3 release time on Xbox, PS5 and Game Pass is almost here, and fans want to know when they’ll be able to start playing. After all, they’ve been waiting patiently since 2020, which is when the game launched on PC. So, when does Crusader Kings 3 come out on Xbox, Game Pass and PS5? Let’s find out together.

crusader kings 3 release time xbox ps5 game pass
Crusader Kings 3 Release Time Xbox, PS5, Game Pass

When Does Crusader Kings 3 Come Out on Xbox, PS5, Game Pass

Crusader Kings 3 comes out on Xbox, PS5 and Game Pass on March 29th, but many people seem to be curious about the release time. The game’s page on the PlayStation Store has a helpful countdown. A bit of math reveals that the launch time will be 6 PM CEST / 5PM BST / 12PM ET / 9AM PT. However, the Microsoft Store doesn’t reveal what time Crusader Kings 3 will be released there. However, we can safely assume that the hours will be the same as on PlayStation. That is conjecture on our part, of course, so we’ll update the guide if we happen to be wrong. What we do know for certain is that it will come out on Game Pass and Xbox at the same time.

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So, that’s what we know about the release time of Crusader Kings 3 on Xbox, Game Pass, PS5 and PS4. Again, we did have to do some educated guesswork when it comes to Microsoft side of things, but I think we’re on the ball. So, yeah, those of you that have been planning to play the game on consoles, you’ll soon be able to. I do have to note that PC might be the better choice, though. If you’re gonna play it on Game Pass, do consider PC instead of Xbox. Crusader Kings is confounding enough to play when you have a mouse and whole keyboard at your disposal, let alone a controller. That’s just me, though; if you can pull it off via a Dualshock, I tip my hat to you.

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