Cupcake Unicorn Value Pet Simulator X

New pets have been added to Pet Sim X and one of these is the Cupcake Unicorn. This Mythical pet is a re-skin of the Unicorn, only with a – you guessed it – cupcake on its head. Overall, it looks much more vibrant and fun than the ordinary Unicorn, and there’s no doubt that many players are going to want to get it. To help you do exactly that, we are going to list out the value of the Cupcake Unicorn and its variants in Pet Simulator X, and also explain how you can get it in the game itself.

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Cupcake Unicorn Value Pet Simulator X
Cupcake Unicorn Value Pet Simulator X

Cupcake Unicorn Value Pet Sim X

The value of the Cupcake Unicorn in PSX depends on its type. Rarer variants are, of course, a lot more expensive than the normal variant. Also, one thing that we also need to note here is that these prices are constantly changing. What was valued at, for example, 20 Million Diamonds today may be worth significantly more (or less) tomorrow. This is just the way these things work, and are dictated by supply and demand – just like in real life. With that said, let’s see what values for this pet are:

  • Normal Cupcake Unicorn – 20 Million Diamonds.
  • Golden Cupcake Unicorn – 60 Million Diamonds.
  • Rainbow Cupcake Unicorn – 240 Million Diamonds.
  • Dark Matter Cupcake Unicorn – 800 Million Diamonds.
  • Shiny Cupcake Unicorn – 80 Million Diamonds.
  • Normal Hardcore Cupcake Unicorn – 400 Million Diamonds.
  • Golden Hardcore Cupcake Unicorn – 1.2 Billion Diamonds.
  • Rainbow Hardcore Cupcake Unicorn – 4.8 Billion Diamonds.
  • Dark Matter Hardcore Cupcake Unicorn – 16 Billion Diamonds.

How to get Cupcake Unicorn in Pet Simulator X

There are two ways to get the Cupcake Unicorn in Pet Sim X. The first method involves trading for it. Though, as you can see, it is very expensive. The other way is by hatching it from the Sakura Egg or the Cafe Egg.

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