Hearthstone Finale Keyword Explained

What is the “Finale” keyword in Hearthstone? Festival of Legends, the first Hearthstone expansion of 2023, is all about music, festivals and partying. And every good song needs to have a perfect finale to wrap up things. In this guide, we explain how “Finale” works in Hearthstone and everything else you need to know about this keyword.

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Hearthstone Finale Keyword Explained

What Does Finale Keyword do in Hearthstone?

The Festival of Legends Hearthstone expansion is music-themed. The legendary ETC has gathered the biggest music stars from all around Azeroth and beyond to showcase their musical prowess at the greatest music festival Azeroth has ever seen. Each class is represented by a specific music genre, and each class will have one legendary performer and one legendary song as their class legendaries in this expansion. In addition, each class will have a musical instrument as a weapon card. Also, there will be Soloists minions. They have powerful battlecries, but are conditioned to proc only if that’s your only minion.

Finally, there’s the new Finale keyword. And how does this keyword work? It’s fairly simple, to be perfectly frank. The Finale keyword provides an additional effect which only activates if you’ve spent your last mana that turn with that card. Take Audio Medic, for example (check the image below). If you are on 6 mana, and you have already spent 4 mana, and now you play Audio Medic, his Finale effect – gain Lifesteal – will activate because you’ve spent your last remaining mana with Audio Medic.

One thing important to note is that these cards with Finale work as a Battlecry. The Finale effect will only activate if you spend all your remaining mana with the cards with a Finale effect. It will not activate retroactively if you spend all your mana after you play this card. With that said, that’s all you need to know about Hearthstone’s Finale keyword in the Festival of Legends.

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