Cuphead How to Get P Rank - Pacifist Grade

Cuphead has a grading system that’s a bit different from other games. Instead of the top score being A or S, the highest you can attain is the P rank. The P stands for pacifist, which makes the already difficult game even harder. Getting enough of these will unlock the secret black and white mode, which lets you view the game in grayscale, making it even more like a 1930’s cartoon. This guide is going to help you unlock the filter by showing you how to get P Rank in Cuphead.

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cuphead p rank pacifist
Cuphead How to Get P Rank – Pacifist Guide

How to get pacifist rank in Cuphead?

In order to get the pacifist rank, you need to go through a level without shooting your gun. This means you’ll have to avoid almost all of the enemies. The exception are the pink enemies – you can stilly parry them without losing your rank. You’ll have to hunt them down in order to fill your special ability meter.

If you’re wondering why you’d want to do this, the most obvious answer is – because it’s there. It’s the ultimate challenge in Cuphead, and anyone who can manage it is sure to earn bragging rights. If you’re not really motivated to do this for the sake of challenge, there’s also a quaint reward buried under the P ranks. If you manage to beat all six Run ‘n’ Gun levels with a P rank, you’ll unlock the black and white mode, along with the vintage audio option.

It’s not much, especially since you can force your TV or monitor into black and white if that’s your thing, but it’s an acknowledgement of your prowess. Wear it with pride. When you share pictures of the game with friends, make sure they’re black and white. When they ask you about how you made the game look like that, casually tell them exactly how good you are at it.

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