Dave the Diver Save File Location

Not sure where to find the save file for Dave the Diver? The latest Steam hit game is not about epic battles and impeccable realistic 3D graphics. Rather, it’s a pixel-art sim management game with elements of role-playing and adventuring. In this guide, we explain where to find the Dave the Diver Save File location.

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Dave the Diver Save File Location
Dave the Diver Save File Location

Save File Location Dave the Diver

If you are wondering where you can find your save game file, you are not alone! Many players want to back up their save files just in case, especially because it is really easy to accidentally start a new game and overwrite the old save. That can be an excruciating experience to lose all your progress and time investment in a moment of carelessness. Namely, the developers have confirmed that the game currently only has one save file, which gets updated whenever you save your game. Just in case you don’t know, you can save your progress almost whenever you want, via your phone, under “settings” and then scrolling all the way down, where you can find the “Save” button. So, where to find the Dave the Diver Save File location? In most cases, it can be found here:

  • C:/Users/*YourUserProfile*/AppData\LocalLow\nexon\DAVE THE DIVER\SteamSData\336

The quickest way to find this location is by pressing “Win + R” and then typing “%appdata%” in the search bar. This will bring you to the said folder. From there, open the “LocalLow” folder, then head to the “Nexon” folder, and finally, open the “DAVE THE DIVER”. Inside the “SteamSData\336” location, you will be able to find your save file. Once you find it, copy it and keep it somewhere safe. It’s advised to do this regularly, lest you are in danger of losing your progress. So there you have it. I hope it helps!

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