Cookie Run Kingdom Shining Glitter Cookie Toppings

Want to know what the best Shining Glitter cookie toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom are? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we are going to point you towards the ingredients that would make for the best Shining Glitter cookie build in CRK. Also, we are going to go through what this cookie’s role and ability is, so you can plan the toppings accordingly. Here we go!

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cookie run kingdom shining glitter cookie toppings
Cookie Run Kingdom Shining Glitter Cookie Toppings

Best Toppings for Shining Glitter Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

We are going to get into the best toppings for Shining Glitter Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom in a little bit; before we do, we need to analyze the new cookie’s role and ability. First of all, Shining Glitter is a magic user, and she stands in the middle of the party. Her rarity is Super Epic, so it might be a while before you pull her. There’s a reason for this, though – she’s really powerful. Here ability, All Eyes on the Stage, gets rid of all debuffs from herself and applies the Glittering Rock Spirit buff to the party. Whenever her song lands a critical hit, it partially ignores the target’s DMG Resist and zaps them. If you land enough critical hits, you also apply CRIT DMG Resist for the party.

So, now that we know all that, what are the best Cookie Run Kingdom toppings for Shining Glitter Cookie? It’s honestly difficult to say, especially because it’s a new cookie. There’s still a lot of testing to be done. Not to mention that the ideal CRK build of Shining Glitter Cookie depends on your preferences and needs. What I can say is that there are several toppings you can consider here: Solid Almond (for extra armor), Swift Chocolate (to unleash the cookie’s ability more often), Searing Raspberry (to increase the power of Glitter’s attacks) and Juicy Apple Jelly (to increase her CRIT percentage). Experiment with these four toppings until you get the results you want.

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