When is Dead by Daylight Attack on Titan Release Date

Many fans of DBD want to know when is the Dead by Daylight Attack on Titan release date, as well as which skins and other items you’ll be able to earn or purchase. Well, we’ll share everything we know in this guide. The content is going to be a part of the Dead by Daylight Mid-Chapter update. There will be plenty of DBD Attack on Titan skins to choose from, it seems.

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when is dead by daylight attack on titan release date
When is Dead by Daylight Attack on Titan Release Date

When is DBD Attack on Titan Coming Out?

The release date of the DBD, or Dead By Daylight, crossover with Attack on Titan has not yet been unveiled at time of writing. We’ll be sure to update the guide with official information as soon as the developers put it out. The only thing we know at the moment is that the event is going to happen some time later this month. So far, not much else has been announced, but the hype is slowly starting to build. Granted, DBD is a little late to the Attack on Titan train, but hey, the very concept seems pretty interesting. A Titan as the killer? Sounds terrifying.

Dead by Daylight Attack on Titan Skins

There are currently three confirmed Attack on Titan Dead by Daylight skins. These are Eren Yeager (a skin for Dwight Fairfield), Hange Zoë (a skin for Zarina Kassir) and the Armored Titan (a skin for the Oni, which makes sense). There have also been leaks to suggest that there will also be skins for Ace, Felix, Jake, Yui, Kate, Meg and The Spirit, but we can’t confirm those just yet.

Aside from the DBD Attack on Titan skins, there will be other items to earn in the crossover event. For example, there’ll be the Cadet Corps Charm (earned by logging in during the Mid-Chapter release), the Military Police Regiment Crest Charm (earned by buying two Attack on Titan outfits), and the Scout Regiment Crest Charm (earned by buying three Attack on Titan outfits). We’ll update the guide when we have more info.

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