Dead by Daylight Patch Notes - Update 4.7.0

The patch notes for Update 4.7.0 in Dead by Daylight are here, and they are really, really detailed. As it turns out, the new update brings with it a ton of different tweaks, balances, bug fixes, and much, much more. There’s a ton to get through, so let’s dive into the Dead by Daylight Patch Notes – Update 4.7.0.

dead by daylight patch notes update 4 7 0
Dead by Daylight Patch Notes – Update 4.7.0

Update 4.7.0. Patch Notes in Dead by Daylight

The Dead by Daylight Update 4.7.0. patch notes are really huge, as we’ve already mentioned. So, we’re going to show you just a part of them, in what I think might be the most interesting section for all players. However, the developers have made a ton of changes to several other killers, like the Demogorgon, the Nightmare, and the Huntress, as well as other stuff that I think you’ll want to check out. So, I encourage you to take a gander at the full patch notes here.

  • Tome VII
    • Tome VII for The Archives will start tomorrow, May 5th, at 11AM ET.
    • Rift fragments for Level Completion rewards will now increase per Level.
    • The required amount of Player XP per Rift fragment has been reduced to 500 XP (from 800XP) for faster Rift progression.
  • UI
    • Settings menu: Replaced all checkboxes with text based steppers (with choices “ON”/”OFF”) to be consistent with similar setting interactions.
    • HUD – Visual improvements to Killer Power indicators behind Survivor portraits.
    • General: Bottom of these indicators are no longer covered by the Survivor portraits.
    • The Doctor: Madness levels now have a distinct visual for each level.
    • The Plague: Improved Sickness meter texture colours for colourblind players.
    • The Nightmare: Increased brightness of the Dream World indicator.
    • The Ghostface: Increased contrast on the Stalking meter.
  • Visual Update
    • Visual Update for all Coldwind Farm maps.
  • The Doctor VFX Update
    • Optimized Doctor VFX to improve performance.
    • Reduced the intensity of the glitch and madness screen effects.
  • The Twins Post-Release Update
    • Charlotte can now rotate while waking up.
    • Victor’s successful Pounce cooldown is 5 seconds (was 3 seconds).
    • Victor can now move during the successful Pounce cooldown.
    • Silencing Cloth grants Undetectable for 20 seconds (was 12 seconds).
    • Iridescent Pendant inflicts Exposed for 30 seconds (was 12 seconds).
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