Dead Island 2 Best Starting Character Choice

In our Dead Island 2 Best Starting Character Choice guide, we are going to show you which Slayer to choose in the game. Obviously, you won’t really be able to select another character once you begin, so you need to be certain that you go with who suits you best straight from the jump. That’s why, in this guide, we are going to list every character or Slayer in Dead Island 2 and talk about each one for a bit.

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dead island 2 best starting character choice
Dead Island 2 Best Starting Character Choice

Which Character to Choose in Dead Island 2

The best starting character, or Slayer to choose in Dead Island 2 depends on how you like to play. Jacob, for example, has poor resilience but excels in Peak Health and Stamina. His innate skills are Feral (minor stackable Damage boost when attacking in quick succession) and Critical Gains (Critical Hits when Stamina is low get a moderate Crit Damage boost and restore Stamina).

Maybe Carla is more to your liking. She is really resilient and tough, but lacks Critical Damage. Her innate skills are Mosh Pit (minor Damage boost when close to multiple zombies) and Dig Deep (moderate Toughness boost when health is critical). Crowd control, really.

Another option is Bruno, who does amazing critical damage and also has good Agility, but very low Peak Health. His innate skills are Backstab (moderate Damage boost when attacking zombies from behind) and Rapid Reprisal (Agility and Heavy Attack charges get boosts when avoiding attacks with Block or Dodge). So, the melee assassin, so to speak

The best starting character choice, or slayer choice for me in Dead Island 2 is Amy. She has no Toughness to speak off, but has maximum Agility and very strong Critical Damage. Her innate skills are Relief Pitcher (regains Stamina when hitting zombies with thrown weapons) and Divide and Conquer (minor Damage boost when attacking isolated zombies). She’s my favorite.

Next we have Dani, who is my second favorite. She has peak Stamina and almost peak Health, but no Health Recovery. One of her innate skills is Bloodlust, which returns health when slaying multiple zombies in quick succession. Her other skill is Thunderstruck (Heavy Attacks trigger a forceful explosion on impact).

Lastly, there’s Ryan. He is really tough and resilient, but has next to no Agility. His innate skills are Retaliation (moderate Force boost when using Block or Dodge to avoid attacks) and Seesaw (regains Health whenever he knocks a zombie down).

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