Dead Island 2 Make Money Fast

Regardless of whether it is called Dollars, Gold Coins, Credits, or something else entirely, money is an important resource in many games. Of course, Dead Island 2 is no different in this regard. You can use your hard-earned cash to purchase additional items you will need to maximize your zombie-slaying prowess. If you were wondering how to get more money in DI2, we are here to show you all the best ways to make money fast in Dead Island 2.

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Dead Island 2 Make Money Fast
Dead Island 2 Make Money Fast

How to Get Money Fast in Dead Island 2

To begin with, you should try and explore as much as you can. Doing this, you will come across things such as locked containers (like the Military Supplies one), and safes which you can unlock and loot once you have found a way to open them. Continuing from this, you should also kill as many zombies as you are able to. This is because zombies drop loot when they die (again), and this loot can often come in the form of extra cash. But even the loot that may seem worthless at first has a function – as you can sell it to merchants. So pick up all the items you find and sell them off at your first chance.

Next, don’t forget about side quests. While not a money farm per se, Dying Light 2 side quests present some of the best ways to earn a lot of cash quickly. Not to mention – to level up your character and find better gear. So-called Fuse Areas are another pathway to additional money. These areas are locked off until you replace a broken fuse in a fuse box with a working fuse. After that, these areas will open up and you will be free to explore them. Naturally, this will allow you to get more loot and cash there.

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