Dead Island 2 Curtis Garage Key Location

Not sure how to open Curtis’ Garage in Dead Island 2? We have the answers for you! In the apocalyptic chaos of Dead Island 2, it’s all about survival. Search for useful stuff, loot whatever you can, and get out. In this guide, we explain where to find the Dead Island 2 Curtis Garage Key Location.

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Dead Island 2 Curtis Garage Key Location
How to Open Curtis Garage Dead Island 2

Where to Find Curtis Garage Key in Dead Island 2

At the beginning of the Dead Island 2 campaign, you’ll find yourself in a fancy neighbourhood where rich people once lived. And when we say “once”, we mean before the outbreak. Among other houses, there’s also Curtis’ house there. It’s a rather lucrative place to loot for supplies. Hence, we advise combing it thoroughly. You’ll soon find a locked lattice door leading to the garage. When you try to open it, it will say that it requires a garage key. So, where to find the Dead Island 2 Curtis Garage Key location? Luckily, it’s not complicated!

What you actually need to do is enter the garage in order to unlock that door and find the key. Namely, there are two automatic garage doors for cars. What you need to do is to press the switch. Check out our image below so that you know what switch we’re talking about. This will open one of the garage doors. Be prepared! Inside the garage, there are two Screamers you’ll need to deal with! Once you defeat them, explore the first section of the garage and grab all the loot.

In the back, you’ll notice two wooden boxes. Smash the boxes, and an opening to the other part will appear. Crawl through it, and you’ll find yourself in the second section of the garage. There’s a table there, and among other things on it, you’ll find the Curtis Garage key. Grab the key and open the locked lattice door.

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