Sons of The Forest Found Footage Tape Location

Not sure where to find the Found Footage Tape location in Sons of The Forest? The SotF Patch 04 is here! And this time around, the bulk of the update is dedicated to bug fixes and improvements. Nonetheless, there are quite a few new features as well, with the highlight being on the new “Action Cam” item and the first found footage tape. Read on to learn where you can find them.

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Sons of The Forest Found Footage Location
SotF Found Footage Location

Where to Find the First Found Footage Tape in Sons of The Forest Patch 04

Endnight Games, the studio behind Sons of The Forest, continues with their hard work as they deliver yet another massive update, the fourth one since the game’s release. Sons of The Forest Patch 04 boasts a massive amount of bug fixes, balance changes, and improvements. However, just like all previous updates, it also introduces a couple of new features. This includes new points of interest called “discovery laptops”, the ability to name save games, and kick and ban popup messages when kicked or banned from a game. And, of course, there are two new items as well – the new “Action Cam” item and the first found footage tape. So, where to find the first found footage tape in SotF?

The location of the first found footage tape in Sons of The Forest is in the southeastern part of the map, inside the “Residential” bunker cave. It is the same cave where you’ve found the Katana. Check out our Katana location guide so that you know which cave it is. And for the Sons of The Forest Found Footage location, you will need to go all the way to the very end of the bunker. You will find it in this bunker’s last room just before the exit – the morgue. If you want to see how it looks, check out the Reddit video below.

First “Found Footage” on the new action cam
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