Dead Island 2 Download in Progress Explained

If you’ve encountered the Dead Island 2 Download in Progress error, I’m sure you’re probably wondering what happened. I mean, it looks like a pretty scary error message, especially since it replaces a conversation prompt with an NPC you need to talk to. So, what exactly is happening here and what can you do to fix it? Let’s find out!

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dead island 2 download in progress explained
Dead Island 2 Download in Progress Explained

Dead Island 2 Download in Progress Issue Explained

The Download in Progress issue in Dead Island 2 comes up only if you’ve started playing the game before the game has finished downloading and installing. For example, PlayStation allows you to start a game without fully completing the installation process. It’s just a feature that lets you dip your toes in early. However, it does also mean you can’t have access to the whole thing. Sometimes, all you get is the main menu. In the case of Dead Island 2, you can go as far as the “Help the injured couple” step of the “Desperately Seeking Emma” quest. You have to talk to Joshua, but the prompt changes to “Download in Progress.” You’ll be able to continue after the installation is done.

And there you have it, that’s the explanation of the Dead Island 2 Download in Progress issue. Don’t worry, your game is not broken or anything like that. It’s just the ending of the “demo” period that you have access to if you begin playing before your platform is done downloading. Wait a while, and you’ll be fine. This is why I never really bother with this whole thing and just wait for the game to install fully. That said, Dead Island 2 does offer access to a solid chunk of gameplay that early on. All of that said, do be aware that you might have to restart the game after the download wraps up for the changes to take effect. Plan accordingly so that you don’t end up losing a bunch of progress.

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