Dead Island 2 Mailman's Keys Location, My Mailman was a Zombie

Finding the Dead Island 2 Mailman’s Keys location in My Mailman was a Zombie is not exactly the easiest feat. First off, you need to find and read a document to begin the side quest. Then, you need to visit different locations and find packages the mailman has left behind. Lastly, there’s a tough miniboss to fight. That said, the reward you get from unlocking the lockbox is really cool, so it’s all worth it. Here’s what you need to do.

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dead island 2 mailmans keys location my mailman was a zombie
Dead Island 2 Mailman’s Keys Location, My Mailman was a Zombie

Where to Find Mailman’s Keys in Dead Island 2 My Mailman was a Zombie

The first step to find the location of the Mailman’s Keys and trigger the My Mailman was a Zombie side quest in Dead Island 2 is to pick up a notepad called “Signature Required.” You can find it next to the location of the lockbox that requires the key we’re talking about. We’re not sure when exactly the note appears, but we think it’s around the point you’re told to go to Santa Monica in the main story. Be sure to read the note after picking it up, because it will tell you the three locations the mailman will visit next. The first one is 70 Alpine Drive, the house of Colt Swanson. Find the packages and inspect them.

The next thing you need to do to find the Mailman’s Keys in Dead Island 2 and complete My Mailman was a Zombie is to go to the GOAT pen at 59 Alpine Drive. As with the previous address, you need to locate the packages and inspect them to further the quest. The third and final address is the house of Mr. and Mrs. Doe at 143 Glitterati Corner. However, you don’t actually have to go to an exact place. Rather, you have to search Glitterati Corner until you run into Wayne the Mailman. Shouldn’t be too hard, since he’s a huge, hulking, bile-spewing monstrosity. He’s tough to take down and will have other zombies coming to his aid. After you manage to kill him, pick up the keys and go back to the lockbox to collect your reward.

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