Dead Island 2 How to Block

Not sure how to block in Dead Island 2? We’ve got you covered! Surviving is a hard achievement even in our real world, let alone in a world swarmed by zombies. And while an attack is the best defence, sometimes you’ll need to fend off those pesky zombies trying to bite a piece of you. This guide explains how to dodge and block in Dead Island 2.

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Dead Island 2 How to Block
DI2 Block Explined

How to Block in Dead Island 2

If you’ve just started playing Dead Island 2, no matter whether on PC or console, you’re probably first learning all the basics of controls. And naturally, you would expect that you will be able to block the incoming attacks from the screamers. To your surprise, you might soon learn that you aren’t actually able to do that. So, is there blocking in the game? And if there is, how to do it? Yes, there is blocking!

The thing is, this game features a Skill Card system. There are various skill cards which you will be able to unlock during your playthrough. These Skill Cards are separated into different categories. By default, your defensive ability is “Dodge”, which you can use by pressing the L1 button on your PlayStation controller or LB on an Xbox controller. However, you will naturally unlock the “Block” skill card during the campaign somewhere around Level 10. When you finally have it, simply slot that card into your defensive ability slot.

And when you have it equipped, simply use L1 or LB buttons to block any incoming attacks. If you time the block perfectly (just before an attack), you can even regain some Stamina and Stun zombies. Hence, you should always try to block in a timely manner, as these bonuses are nothing to nothing to scoff at. With that said, our “Dead Island 2 How to Block” guide is completed.

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