Dead Island 2 Investigate the Hotel Pool

The Dead Island 2 Investigate the Hotel Pool step in the Room Service for Major Booker quest can be a bit of a problem. The game tells you to inspect the area, but doesn’t really explain what it wants you to look at. This can end up being a pretty annoying stumbling block. That’s why, in this guide, we are going to show you exactly what you’re supposed to do.

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dead island 2 investigate the hotel pool
Dead Island 2 Investigate the Hotel Pool

How to Investigate the Hotel Pool in Dead Island 2 Room Service for Major Booker

To complete the “Investigate the Hotel Pool” in the Dead Island 2 Room Service for Major Booker, you have to inspect three places. The problem is that the game really doesn’t do a great job of communicating what it wants you to do. On top of that, like every other square yard of Dead Island 2, the pool area is chock-full of random objects, so it can be really tough to finish this mission. So, the first thing you need to do is get rid of the zombies. If you can, push them into the pool, but don’t fall in yourself. It’s full of toxic goo, as we’re about to find out. After that’s done, the first thing you can look at is the pool pump that’s leaking sludge. Approach and inspect it.

The next thing you need to investigate in the hotel pool in Room Service for Major Booker quest in Dead Island 2 is on the opposite side of the pool. There’s a sewer grate that two hoses lead into. You’ll recognize it by the cloud of green fumes belching out of it. Take a look at it, and now there’s one more thing to find. This one gave us the most trouble. What you actually need to inspect are the crates next to the sewer grate. Specifically, you have to look at the one that has the sign that says “Caustic X – 1E-46.” That will complete that step of the quest. You can do the rest on your own.

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