Dead Island 2 Jo’s Rainy Day Stash, Jo's Staff Room Key Location

Not sure where to find Jo’s Secret Stash location and use Jo’s Staff Room Key in Dead Island 2? We’ve got you covered! The “Jo’s Rainy Day Stash” mission is one of the many Lost and Found quests in Dead Island 2. These are essentially side quests which provide some extra loot left behind by residents after the apocalypse. In this Dead Island 2 Jo’s Rainy Day Stash guide, we explain every detail step by step.

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Dead Island 2 Jo’s Rainy Day Stash, Jo's Staff Room Key Location

Dead Island 2 Jo’s Staff Room Key Location, Jo’s Rainy Day Stash Guide

Once you complete The Red Mist quest (Main Quest #14), you’ll reach the Venice Beach zone. There, inside “Jo’s Rentals” (a surfer’s store with a surfer shark mascot in front of it), you’ll find Journal: Jo’s Secret Stash and Jo’s Staff Room Key. Keep in mind that in order to enter the store, you’ll need to break the glass on the door. This will trigger the alarm, so be quick to disable it, lest you attract an army of zombies. The mission reads as follows:

li>”You found a discarded phone. The staff of Jo’s Rentals were speculating about the existence of their boss’ rainy-day stash near Venice Beach. While you’re in the eye of the Hell-A storm, follow the paper trail to Jo’s kick-ass stash!”

The first task here is to “follow the paper trail to Jo’s kick-ass weapon”. If you read the “Jo’s Secret Stash” journal entry, you’ll see that Jo’s employees suspect that Jo’s putting some money on the side. In order to find the second journal entry, head two blocks down to another “Jo’s Surf & Skate Rentals” store. Check out our map and image below for the exact location. There, on the counter, you’ll find the “Jo’s Beloved Baby” journal entry. After reading it, you’ll learn that Jo’s prepared an escape truck which he calls “My Baby”.

You’ll find the said red truck behind the store, in the parking lot. Once there, a named zombie called “Jo’s Shambling Body” will appear. Beat him, and he’ll drop the final chapter of the journal – “Jo’s Final Farewell”. Take Jo’s final words, and read them.

You Have Jo’s Keys; Now Go Find and Break Open Jo’s Secret Stash

The final journal entry indicates that Jo’s Rainy Day Stash is on top of Marla’s Tapas & Tacos. An icon of the stash will appear on your map. Use the white Star Haul RV to jump on the roof of Marla’s Tapas & Tacos. Open the gate, beat a couple of zombies and find the stash. Grab the loot and enjoy your rewards!

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