Dead Island 2 Military Supplies Key Location

In Dead Island 2, some of the best loot in the game is hidden behind optional challenges. For example, sometimes you will come across locked containers, and you need to figure out how to open them. The Military Supplies Case you will come across in the back of a truck near the entrance to Bel Air from the Halperin Hotel is one such locked case. If you want to open it (and you know you want to), you will first have to find its key. Luckily, we have the Dead Island 2 Military Supplies Key Location right here.

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Dead Island 2 Military Supplies Key Location
Dead Island 2 Military Supplies Key Location

Where to Find the Military Supplies Cache Key in Dead Island 2

The good news is that you won’t have to go too far in order to find this key. But the bad news is – you will need to defeat a dangerous enemy before you can get the key. To do this, keep moving on Lacuna Avenue. You will soon come across a Crusher mob named Drill Seargent. It spawned for us when we were Level 13, so this might be something to keep in mind if you are not getting it to appear. Additionally, we also had “The Rav-Ages of Caustic-X” sidequest active, which could be another trigger needed to spawn it.

In any case, take out the Drill Seargent and it will drop the Military Supplies Key. We also got a Burst-Fire Carbine from it, though this could be a random drop. Now all that’s left to do is to go back and unlock the Military Supplies Case. Inside, we found a Guarding Military Knife, but, again, this doesn’t mean that this is a guaranteed drop. And there you go, this is where you will be able to to find the Military Supplies key location in Dead Island 2.

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