Deadly Sins Retribution Race Tier List, Races Ranked

The Seven Deadly Sins is a very popular manga and anime series. In it, we follow the adventures of the titular Deadly Sins – seven individuals of great power. Named after the Biblical Seven Deadly Sins – each of them exemplifies one of the following: greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, or sloth. Given the popularity of 7 Deadly Sins, it’s no wonder that a Roblox game was developed – Deadly Sins Retribution. In this game, you will battle your way through this fantasy world to become even more powerful and fully master your Sin. There are several races your character can choose from, and in this Deadly Sins Retribution Race Tier List guide, we are going to see how all of the races are ranked by power.

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Deadly Sins Retribution Race Tier List, Races Ranked
Deadly Sins Retribution Race Tier List, Races Ranked

Deadly Sins Retribution Best Race Tier List

The setting of Seven Deadly Sins is populated by numerous races. These include humans, Giants, Faeries, Gods, and more. And while not every race has made it into the game (at least, not yet), five major races have. These are: Human, Fairy, Vampire, Demon, and Goddess. Which one you get depends on your race roll. You have a 58% chance of getting Human, 23% for Fairy, 15% for Vampire, 3% for Goddess, and just %1 for Demon. If you haven’t gotten the Race you want, you will want to re-roll. There are some very handy Deadly Sins codes that let you do this. And now, let’s see the race tier list itself to determine which races rank the best. We’ll start with the worst one and work our way to the best:

  • HumanD tier. This is the most common race. The only thing it has going for it is its mana regeneration ability.
  • FairyC tier. The second most common race in the game. Its wings give it a sizable boost to magic.
  • VampireB tier. The healing abilities it has make it a great fit for combat.
  • GoddessA tier. If you want to focus on magic, then this is the race for you.
  • DemonS tier. The rarest race, and the best suited for melee combat.
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