Deerclops Terraria - New Boss - Don't Starve Update

The Terraria and Don’t Starve update has introduced a new boss in the form of Deerclops. This boss is an enemy in Don’t Starve, who has made his way to the other game in the crossover event. To summon him you need several items including Flinx Fur. However, it is well worth it as he rewards you with a lot of loot. Read on as we discuss the new boss in Terraria and how to summon and defeat Deerclops.

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Deerclops Terraria – New Boss – Don’t Starve Update

How to Summon Deerclops in Terraria – New Boss

To summon Deerclops, you need to create a Deer Thing. The ingredients you need for crafting are simple to find. Take five Demonite Ore or five Crimtane Ore, one Lens and three Flinx Fur. You then travel to an altar to create the item. If you are having trouble finding Flinx Fur, visit our guide here.

With the Deer Thing crafted, travel to a snow biome. Using the summoning item, you can bring the Deerclops boss into the world of Terraria. He has two unique attacks, and will often turn invulnerable, so needs some clever tactics.

His first attack arrives if you are in the air. Phantom hands will come to grab you or spin around. For this, you need good positioning and movement to avoid them. This is quite easy, and it is on the ground where his attacks are most dangerous.

Get close to him, and he will use a ground attack of ice spikes. Move too far away and he will turn invulnerable. This makes positioning the key to defeating him. The excellent video guide below from Cubus32 can show you how.

Once you defeat the Deerclops boss in Terraria, he does leave you a lot of loot. In Master mode, some of this is unique. Bone Helm will allow you to recreate his dark hand’s attack but is only available if you beat him in Expert mode. The Deer Clops Eyeball and Deer Clops Relic are also only available if you beat him in Master and will allow you to create a Deerclops pet.

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