Get Terraria Flinx Fur

Flinx Fur is a very useful item to get in Terraria. It can create both a staff and armour fur coat. However, many people are searching for it to summon the Deerclops. This new boss has arrived as part of a crossover event in the game. Read on as we tell you how to get Flinx Fur in Terraria.

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Get Terraria Flinx Fur
Get Terraria Flinx Fur

How to Get Flinx Fur in Terraria

Flinx Fur is a crafting material that will drop when you defeat Snow Flinxes. You will encounter these in the Ice Biome. They will have between a 50 and 90% chance of dropping fur when you defeat them.

Snow Flinxes are unique in a few ways. You will find they are susceptible to knockback. Hit them, and they will roll backwards. This means weapons like Golem Fist and Slap Hand will send them reeling. They also have a strange habit of hitting closed doors in their way but being unable to open them.

There are a few areas where it will be easier to encounter spawning Snow Flinxes. They tend to have a lower spawn rate on thin ice, ice blocks and snow blocks. This means you have more chance of getting them in cabins underground made from boreal wood.

Once you have Flinx Fur, you can use it to craft several items. The Flinx Staff is the first and needs six furs, along with ten platinum or gold bars. You can use this to summon a flinx minion to assist you.

Harder to make is the Flinx Fur Coat. This requires ten silk, eight Flinx Fur and eight gold or platinum bars. It can give you an additional minion slot and increase summon damage by 5%.

However, many people want it to summon the Deerclops. This boss is part of the crossover event with Don’t Starve. You can read our guide on how to summon it using Flinx Fur here.

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