Demon Slayer Legacy Tier List

Being such an influential anime and manga, Demon Slayer has inspired countless works – from other comics, to animation, and, of course, video games. Naturally, since Roblox is a platform that allows its users to create all sorts of video games, many of such projects are based off of Demon Slayer. One such game is Demon Slayer Legacy. You can either be a Demon Slayer or a Demon, the choice is yours. Of course, not all choices are created equal, so you will need to know which Clans, as well as Breathing Techniques, are the best ones. To that end, we are going to rank all of these in our Demon Slayer Legacy Tier List.

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Demon Slayer Legacy Tier List
Demon Slayer Legacy Tier List

Demon Slayer Legacy Tier List of Best Clans

The way that these rankings work is that we are going to be going from the most powerful (S Tier) all the way down to the least powerful (D Tier). So without further ado, let’s see which clans are the best of the best, and which ones you can safely ignore in Demon Slayer Legacy:

  • S Tier: Chaos, Saiyan, and Kamado.
  • A Tier: Uzui, Iguro, Agatsuma, and Tokito.
  • B Tier: Hashibira, Himejima, and Toma.
  • C Tier: Uchiha, Hashibira, Shinazugawa, and Kanroji.
  • D Tier: Zoldyck, Kocho, Rengoku, and Ubuyashiki.

Best Breathing in Demon Slayer Legacy

One of the most unique things about Demon Slayer are all the various Breathing Techniques its characters can use. These have also made their way into Demon Slayer Legacy, so let’s now see which of them are the best ones.

  • S Tier: Thunder Breathing and Mist Breathing.
  • A Tier: Flame Breathing, Flower Breathing, and Wind Breathing.
  • B Tier: Beast Breathing and Water Breathing.
  • C Tier: Love Breathing and Serpent Breathing.
  • D Tier: Sound Breathing and Insect Breathing.

Also, if you are looking for codes for this game, we have the latest Demon Slayer Legacy Codes right here.

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