Diablerize Players Bloodhunt

Vampire the Masquerade Bloodhunt lets you diablerize other players if you manage to knock them down. The act of diablerie is basically killing other vampires by drinking their blood dry, which makes you more powerful. The mechanic is extremely useful, and can easily turn the tides of the match. So, we’re going to show you how to diablerize players in Bloodhunt, what it does for you, etc.

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diablerize players bloodhunt
Diablerize Players Bloodhunt

Bloodhunt Diablerize Players

To diablerize players in Bloodhunt Vampires the Masquerade, the first step is to knock them down. This works the same way as in all other battle royale games – fight them until you bring their health down to zero and they fall on their knees. This will happen regardless of whether they’re playing in a squad or solo. Once the enemy is down, approach them and hold F to complete the diablerie. A brief animation will play out, after which your health will be completely full, and you’ll have an extra Resonance slot to boot.

A few more things to note about diableire in Bloodhunt. The feeding animation is brief, but it does leave you vulnerable while it’s happening. Make sure to asses the risk carefully before engaging. However, even if you don’t have a chance to diablerize your opponent, try to kill them with weapons instead. If you don’t, they’ll get back up after twenty seconds with a small portion of health back. Same goes for you, of course. In short, if you diablerize players in Bloodhunt, the risk is relatively small, and the benefits are significant. Always do it if you can.

Now, fellow World of Darkness fans will know that diablerie is usually a big no-no in vampire society. Among other things, it carries the risk of the victim taking over the diablerist’s body over time. That’s not the case at all here. Feel free to diablerize players in Bloodhunt as much as you can manage. It is a war, after all, so all is apparently fair. I wish they implemented some sort of mechanic that would bring more risk to diablerie, but what can you do?

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