NBA 2K22 Release Date & Time - PlayStation, PC & Xbox

With less than a week to go until the NBA 2K22 release date, players on PlayStation, PC & Xbox are eager to know the time it releases. Friday, September 10th is the worldwide release date. However, locations and platforms can see the game unleashed at different times depending on where you are. The latest installment in the world’s greatest Basketball game cannot be missed. Read on as we give you the release time and date for NBA 2k22.

NBA 2k22 Release Date & Time - PlayStation, PC & Xbox
NBA 2k22 Release Date & Time – PlayStation, PC & Xbox

NBA 2K22 Release Time and Date – PC, PlayStation & Xbox

Very often, it can seem like sports games replace the teams and players then push out a new game each year. NBA 2k22 is not one of those games. It has a host of new features including revamped contest systems, nonplayer characters, and a new MyCareer mode. If you can’t wait to get on the court, then make sure you preorder.

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NBA 2k22 Release PC & Steam

The official release time for Steam has yet to be determined. However, most titles on Steam release at 10 am Pacific Time or 5 pm Greenwich Mean Time for those in Europe. As the release date gets closer, there will be a countdown on the official Steam page. Check there regularly, as it can change without notice.

PlayStation Store NBA 2k22 Release

Both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 will get their release dates at midnight in your local region. This means if you stay up past the witching hour on Thursday the 9th, you will be one of the first to play.

Microsoft Store NBA 2k22 Release

Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S will also release at midnight. This will be in your local region time. Once it has downloaded, you can shoot hoops well into the early hours of Friday morning.

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