Diablo 2 Queue Not Moving Error Fix

Diablo 2 Resurrected started with lots of connection problems and server issues. One of the latest problems is the queue error “Connecting to Battle.net. Position in Queue: XXX. Press Escape to Play Offline” where queue number is not moving. Due to a bug, players are experiencing slow login attempts, and their queue numbers are not moving. The only conclusion is that the login process is stuck, and you have to restart the game, but that is a wrong step. In our guide we’ll share with you what developers said about Diablo 2 queue not moving problem.

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Diablo 2 Queue Not Moving Error

Diablo 2 Resurrected queue position not moving fix

First of all, you should know that many players have been affected with this error, no matter if you are playing on PC, PlayStation or Xbox. According to MissCheetah on the official Blizzard technical support forum, the only solution for the Diablo 2 queue not moving bug is to wait in the queue until you get into the server, and not restarting the game. It’s also recommended to avoid playing the game during the peak hours according to your region.

“Just ignore the number. It does not update in real time. It will go from 165 to 88 without a count down. They mention it in the patch notes.
We should note that the higher your queue number appears, the slower the number will refresh in the prompt. The number is still refreshing in the background, so we do not recommend leaving queue as this will create further delays to you entering the game during these high traffic windows.”

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  1. D
    Donald manser

    I paid for the beta and paid 40 or 50 dollars for a 20 year old game they should have had it ready befor launching the game it’s ridiculous. I should not have to wait to play a game on a console or wait 10 minutes or more!! Super upset!!!!!!

  2. D

    How is this an error fix?

    1. J

      It’s not. It’s literally telling us players that “Well you can’t play the game you spent money on” because their servers still can’t work right.

    2. T

      It’s not an error fix. It’s a blatant F you to its player base. “If you don’t want a queue don’t play during high traffic times”. What if that’s literally the only time someone has to play? This is a disgrace and a horrible response from the dev team at Activision Blizzard. It’s a blatant slap in the face because they literally have no way to fix it or they just don’t care.

    3. J

      The article starts out good and then it just stops… Like we are in a queue: 267 🤣🤣🤣

  3. M

    To Blizzard- please fix this. I only waited 15 minutes yesterday but today I have been waiting over 45 minutes in queue. Can you please put a focus on this issue? From a long time Diablo 2 fan.

  4. S

    “iF i cAnT bE iN rIVer oF fLamE iM iN RivEr oF TeARS!!!!!!1”

  5. D
    Doug Rochford

    Doug from Custom PC indy here. This is at LEAST the 15th day i have been prevented from playing a GAME that i paid for. This is super illegal lol. DOTA2 runs AMAZING and its free to play. So epic. Loving D2R at its finest. Lost a lvl 79 paladin to a game crash. Logged back in. Dead. Very nice blizzard lol.

  6. J
    Justin F

    Its my birthday and I bought this last night to play today. Can’t even get on to play. Number 492 in queue. And worse, it doesnt even let you play offline in the meantime. Something about needing to start the game online for login agreements. Total bust.
    This process gets two thumbs way down.

  7. J

    Waited 1 hour to get logged in and was still waiting
    How is this a fix? They either need to refund everyones money or fix the problem

  8. J

    I have been playing the diablo franchise since day 1. I can guarantee you there were more people playing this game 15-20 years ago than now and we didn’t experience the connection issues then, that we are now. There was also 4 separate realms, US West, US East, Europe, and Asia; 5 if you include open bnet. Within each realm, there were hundreds of private and public channels and the only way we experienced issues was if our internet went down. The processing and storage has increased 10 fold over the years while the games’ size roughly doubled or tripled, while the player base has actually shrunk. It’s not server issues, it’s management issues. The rapid game creation was never an issue in the past either, because once everyone was out of the game, that game was deleted, which is why people wouldn’t leave items on the ground while exiting without having someone else in the game in order to transfer items. So, that should have been fixed when they created the shared stash. Quit lying to us, give us our money back, plus pay us compensation because lying to us is just making it worse.

    1. J
      Jason Anderson

      Rapid game creation was a problem on original Diablo 2 though. That’s why you were temp banned if you made too many too quickly

  9. J

    I play at midnight and still get tossed in a queue

    1. R

      830 am here on a Tuesday still behind 200 other people waiting to play. And of course the que isn’t moving at all after 10-15 minutes nothing

  10. W

    fxxk the answer,
    why I cannot play the game when i want
    Is this free game?

  11. A

    Wish I had known this before buying the game…

  12. D
    Dave R

    This fix is insane! I can’t believe I didn’t know this! Incredibly resourceful article!

  13. S

    I had just over 1 hour free time today to enjoy some games, decided to sit down to Diablo 2, only to sit in the queue for 40 minutes… bottom line, can’t play the game.
    I made an online character only because I might want to join others online at a later point, but I primarily play solo/single player. I don’t have much free time, so don’t really want to start a new offline character, as I’ve invested precious free time into this already.
    This queue system literally renders the game unplayable for me, as I don’t have time to sit in these queues…

  14. R

    This is ridiculous! It’s 8:30 Tuesday morning I am 177 position in the que… this is a high traffic time for my area??? I call bs! This is why I try to play on the weekdays early mornings this is supposed to be low traffic it’s always been low traffic for effin years!!!
    This is a blatant f u to us. You cannot tell me that Goliath that blizzard is , they cannot afford more servers to make space.. this is nothing more the. Corporate greed pinching pennies by not buying the space that is needed for your player base. Shame on you blizzard shame!!!

  15. X

    This is absolutely bull. Doesn’t matter if it’s 8am, 8pm, or midnight always a triple digit que that doesn’t move for hours. Last time I was 102nd in que and it took over 2 hours to get in. Now I can’t get anything under 200. Why not just make it a free game since no one who bought it can play it. Just imagine when ladder starts. It’s going to be 10x’s worse. Can’t even request a refund because it’s digital. I hope if you are reading this you did not already buy the game. If you did than you have been robbed.

  16. E
    Eli T Klasne

    it is pretty frustrating that the only times I can play I have to sit in a queue, I don’t think anyone has time to wait. I spent top dollar for the game with enhancments and expansions, and can’t play during the only times I’m able to. Blizzard needs to fix this quick, or I won’t invest another penny.

  17. F

    Hi Blizzard,
    You are officially morons.

  18. T

    Its silly all that should have been done is graphics why trash a online multi mode when the old one is still BETTER THAN THIS TRASH! $50 for a consol version of 1/3 ,of a game ive owned on pc for 14 years?! It even has TWO DIFFERENT CONNECTION MODES that worked for 20 years !! Ill never pay for anything from blizzard again. Ive even throw my black ops away!

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