NBA 2k22 Rebirth Not Working Fix

Rebirth is a new quest and reward in NBA 2k22, but for many, it is not working and requires a fix. The problem begins when visiting the NPC named Summer, who will give the quest out. She is often missing the exclamation mark above her head, meaning she has nothing to say. This prevents access to the task. Read on as we discuss NBA 2k22 and how to fix Rebirth.

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NBA 2k22 Rebirth Not Working Fix
NBA 2k22 Rebirth Not Working Fix

How to Start NBA 2k22 Rebirth Quest on Current and Next Gen

To start the quest, you need an update to patch 1.05. This will add the quest to your game. Load the game back up, travel to your journal and you will see a new option titled ‘Rebirth’. The brief is to meet up with Summer and discuss the special abilities you can unlock.

On the cruise deck, you will find her on deck 16. Go to the elevator and travel to the Moat Court. Summer will be in one corner of the deck with an exclamation mark above her head.

Your reward for the NBA 2k22 Rebirth task is a new build player that already comes with a certain number of badges. All you have to do for this is reach 90 on any player. After this, play 10 games. You don’t even have to win these.

NBA 2K22 Rebirth Not Working Fix

This problem occurs when people try to talk with Summer about the Rebirth task. She does not always display an exclamation mark over her head. This makes it impossible to get the quest started.

One possible fix is to make a new build. Return to Summer when you have done so. The exclamation mark should appear, and you can take on the challenge.

Another solution is to travel to Summer. Make sure that the basketball save icon in the bottom corner has finished. Then go elsewhere, go back to her, and repeat the process. While frustrating, some people have reported doing this around four or five times before the quest appears.

The final solution for the NBA 2k22 Rebirth fix is to check your messages and make sure you have one from Summer. You need to get the second message, that talks about visiting her for the Rebirth task. Play a few games, then recheck the messages. If you have a new message, she may have already given it to you via the phone. Go and meet back up with her and you should be able to continue.

How to Start NBA 2k22 Rebirth Quest on Current and Next Gen
How to Start NBA 2k22 Rebirth Quest on Current and Next-Gen

Reddit user Sheesh_Sus has had an official response, which you can see above. The development team has been notified of the issue. It is unknown how long this will take to fix.

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  1. E

    Help me I still can’t get my rebirth 😭😭

    1. L

      press start my career then pick the build you want to rebirth

  2. D

    I think i have denied on both Off my 90+ accounts the summer massage to earn something big but that includes the rebirth quest and i need that What van i do to still get it?

  3. C

    I appreciate you putting my Reddit page in the article! Hopefully they fix the issue soon.

  4. S

    Still don’t work. Ronnie please fix. wTF

  5. G
    George Romero

    I get the rebirth at the main screen apply it my build bud create it and get no badges when complete I must have tried this about 10 times already and nothing.

    1. C

      Fr have u figured out how to fix that spercific issue?

    2. K

      Same problem w me

    3. E

      Same here you found a fix yet?

    4. A

      it says if i wanna use my rebirth and then suddenly i use it and theres no badges on my player weird

  6. M

    I was able to get the rebirth challenge and actually completed it, however my issue is when I go to make a new rebirth build it asks if I want to make that rebirth build and I make it however there are no badges or my points and she has not messaged me about the rebirth despite me already completing it….help please .

  7. P
    Payton ward

    I still can’t get my rebuilt can you please help me

  8. P
    Payton ward

    PlayStation 5 next gen

  9. W
    William E Beach jr

    The only quest is completed is the marathon quest. Is it because I’m playing for an overall ranking now?

  10. R
    Robert Hughes

    I got rebirth and it works the only problem is it affects my original file as well… Whatever I change for one it changes for the other. Gave my new build a new name, finished to continue my original and now my player all together has a whole new name after 2 seasons… I switch clothes and my other build does as well too🤦🏿‍♂️

  11. J

    Bruh i did the quest but when i goto make the build it doesnt ask me if i want to rebirth

    1. M

      same, did u find help

  12. S
    Stacie White

    Completed games not counting towards rebirth completion. I’m actually stuck with this one

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