Diablo 2 Remove Gems - How to Unsocket Gems

Diablo 2 does not give out weapons upgrades generously, so it helps to know how to unsocket gems and remove gems in the game. Getting your hands on socketed items is tough. The runes, jewels, and gems to put in them are also hard to come by. When you do have them, getting them right can provide some powerful buffs. Read on as we discuss how to unsocket gems in Diablo 2.

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Diablo 2 Remove Gems - How to Unsocket Gems
Diablo 2 Remove Gems – How to Unsocket Gems

Diablo 2 Resurrected How to Remove Gems – Unsocket Gems

To remove gems from sockets in Diablo 2 Resurrected, you will need the Horadric Cube. This will not become available until act 2, so you must progress quite far into the game. You will not be able to enter act three until you have your hands on it either. When you visit the Halls of the Dead, its location is on the bottom floors.

The Horadric Cube has many useful purposes. Its main gift is to transmogrify different items into other combinations. For most people, its value will lie in its ability to clear the sockets on weapons.

When you wish to remove a socketed gem, you need to have some specific items in your inventory. These are the Hel Rune and Town Portal Scroll. You can find Town Portal Scrolls from many of the NPCs in town, who will be more than willing to sell you one.

The Hel Rune is a random world drop. If you have a strong treasure class, you should be able to get these in act one. For anyone who does not have one, try placing a Chipped Emerald and three Dol Runes into the cube. This will transform them into a Hel Rune.

Place the items inside the cube, hit transmute, and the original item will appear minus its gems. Keep in mind that in Diablo 2, when you do this, it will destroy the Hel Rune and the gem inside. Claiming them back is not possible, so use this skill carefully.

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