Dislyte Heron Box Event Release Date, Time & Rewards

The Dislyte Heron Box event release date, time and rewards have been causing quite the buzz among the fledgling fan base of the recently-launched game. This is the first event since Dislyte came out, so of course, everyone is very curious about it. That’s why we’ve decided to write this guide, in which we’ll show you when the Heron Box event starts, what the rewards are, etc. The info is fairly thin on the ground, so we’ll be sharing everything we know for certain.

dislyte heron box event release date time & rewards
Dislyte Heron Box Event Release Date, Time & Rewards

When Does Dislyte Heron Box Event Start

The Dislyte Heron Box event start, or release date and time, is Tuesday, May 17th, at midnight UTC+0. That translates to 2 AM CEST / 1 AM BST / 8 PM on May 16th Eastern Time / 5 PM on May 16th Pacific Time. So basically, if you’re anywhere west of the UK, the event will actually begin on May 16th for you. It will last for two weeks, ending on Tuesday, May 31st at the same time. The info comes from the official Dislyte Twitter account, so you know it’s legit. During the event, you’ll be able to “complete quests to obtain Heron Seals, which can be used to draw prizes from Heron Boxes.” That brings us to our next point…

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Dislyte Heron Box Event Rewards

The full scope of the Heron Box event rewards in Dislyte have not yet been revealed, but we’ll all know more once the release date and time rolls around. The tweet only promises “Gold Records, Nexus Crystals, and other cool rewards,” which isn’t much to go of. Sure, getting valuable resources is always nice, but you can get those by redeeming codes (for more info on that, check out our Dislyte Codes May 2022, Free Gold & How to Redeem guide). The developers have to add more interesting things if they want the first event to truly show the best side of Dislyte. Hopefully, rewards are going to include hero pulls, too, and maybe event-exclusive story bits or stages. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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