Disney Dreamlight Valley Time Travel Bug, Time Change Glitch Fix

Did Disney Dreamlight Valley become completely unplayable when you changed your system time? Disney Dreamlight Valley, the gorgeous-looking Animal Crossing-like adventure game, has quickly become a smashing hit in just a week since its release. As it turns out, exploring different realms of our childhood stories, and hanging out with iconic Disney and Pixar characters, is a rather enjoyable experience. However, given that the game uses real-life time in order to govern various in-game activities, cooldowns, reset timers, etc, some players have resorted to a good-old time travel trick. Unfortunately, it seems that changing system time completely messes up the game. In this guide, we explain the Disney Dreamlight Valley Time Travel glitch. And we explore if system time change bugs can be fixed.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Time Travel Bug, Time Change Glitch Fix

Can you Fix Time Travel Bugs in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Many players have tried using the time travel method in Disney Dreamlight Valley in order to bypass real-life time resets and cooldowns. And, instead of being a solution for their impatience, it has become a doom day for their playthrough. As it stands, the real-life system time change will make your Disney Dreamlight Valley run absolutely bugged and riddled with glitches. Currently, players report numerous bugs related to this. Including star pass progress reset, unlootable crops, fruit and fishes stopping respawning, and so on.

Ultimately, time travel creates a series of game-braking bugs which will completely brick your game. It will lock you out of any further progress, and make your run unplayable. Thus, it’s imperative for this game not to mess with the system time change. Do not try to do time travelling in Disney Dreamlight Valley. For now, the only possible fix for this issue we’ve heard about is the one shared by Reddit user u/Chabb. They state that “If you time travelled, your resources and the shop won’t rotate until the date you fast travelled to is in sync with real life.“.

So there you have it. Unlike in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, where time-travelling is easy and without consequences, here it will ruin your game. This is most likely because Disney Dreamlight Valley is a free-to-play game with microtransactions. And AC: NH is a fully-priced title without microtransactions. If we find more potential solutions, we will update our guide. But for now, let’s strongly emphasize once again: Do not mess with time travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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  1. R

    I had this happen to me the other day. I have to wait til the 14th of February to even play. Sucks, but I suppose I brought it on myself for not doing my research on Time Travel. I’m so used to animal crossing. Hopefully they fix this bug.

    1. K

      I time traveled thinking it would fix my game from crashing .. unfortunately I messed the game up I’m so sad and I hope one day it’ll be fixed some how no rocks anymore no picking fruit or anything I’m beyond disappointed in myself I was thinking like animal crossing it would be ok.

  2. B

    Except that it’s NOT free-to-play right now. I spent $31 for it on switch, had no clue about any issues because it doesn’t tell you not to do that and I didn’t psychically know, and now I have a completely broken game with no way to fix it. “Wait until the in game date is the same as the current date” well that doesn’t help when you went back in time does it? My animal crossing town is still in 2021, my switch is set to work with animal crossing. It had literally nothing to do with this stupid game and they have to be butts about it. And anyway, we PAID YOU for early access and the fix is “just don’t play it and wait.” What was the point of buying it early then??? Changing your clock harms literally NO ONE, it’s not even something that helps with respawns cause they’re supposed to be super fast anyway (when they WORK AT ALL). Honestly such a ripoff at this point, I’m so angry with them that they would charge us money and then say lol it’s bugged and you can’t play anyway. Needs fixed immediately. I didn’t pay money for early access to be locked out. Plus, people who don’t have schedules that work with real time play just can’t play it then? Is that what they want? So stupid, I’m so angry with the devs.

    1. R

      I completely agree with this. They need to get their s**t together and get it fixed. I haven’t been able to play in days now because of this damn bug and I’m pissed about it. I paid for the $70 version and this is the thanks I get? A broken game??? C’mon now, I’d animal crossing and other games can figure this out, surely these developers can too. I’m sure they did this on purpose as some sort of punishment for “time traveling”.

      I did not pay this much money for a broken game.

  3. D

    I agree I had my clock set two days in future for ACNH. Im also a Night Shift worker and stay up all night on my days off so if you play ACNH the shops are closed at night. I downloaded this game and realized immediately it has glitches. The music started to spasm. The tasks weren’t keeping track of progress. The Scrooge sign task which has you place 4 signs says I o Lu placed 2/4. And it doesn’t let you make anymore. You have to pay a ridiculous amount of coin for more signs. Mickeys tasks weren’t keeping track either. So I set the clock back to the j ferner keeping track. And now everything isn’t spawning anymore so I’m at a stand still for 2 days I guess…so frustrating

    1. J

      I was playing when our power went out logged back in power came back on did not realize that my clock is not set to my Internet so now I am sitting here with 300 pumpkins and I can do nothing with harvesting anything not happy about this at all I have over 400 hours to sit here and can’t do nothing I can not start over bull****

  4. M

    I didn’t even attempt to time travel i just transfered my cloud save data onto a switch that was not synced to the correct date. I bought this game for my wife and downloaded it onto my switch for us both to play, After 3 weeks of sharing my switch and switching accounts to play the game I ended up liking it so much that I purchased another game and downloaded it onto her switch so we could both play at the same time. I then transferred my save data onto her switch which I didn’t notice was not set to the correct date. As soon as I synced I noticed all these glitches…. I am honestly so frustrated that I don’t even want to play anymore, I can’t pick up mushrooms, herbs, 2 rocks from the forest of Valor are not responding and scrooges store does not update items day after day. 3 weeks of hard work went to trash.

  5. M

    It would’ve been nice if they had given us a heads up and not left us to our own suffices about Time Traveling. Not only van I not harvest my basil and Oregano, but also mushrooms. My crops started wilting, even after I re watered them and it won’t allow me to even uproot them and replant them. I now have to make even more holes in my garden to plant fresh crops. I purchased the $70 deluxe version and I’m not restarting the game when I’ve already progressed quite far in the game. An update needs to fix this issue or I’m going to ask Nintendo for a full refund. I’m also out a joycon until they repair my L trigger button on my brand new Animal Crossing joycon, so I’m left to play with a pro controller and without handheld for the next two weeks.

  6. C

    i had an issue where a crop was not growing even days after all the rest had matured and been harvested. The only solution I found online was to time travel. I tried one day and no luck. I tried five days and still nothing. When I reconnected to the internet I was unable to harvest any herbs (basil, mushrooms, vanilla). Once the real date matched the date I time traveled to the issue was fixed. I still have the problem with the crop not growing and now there’s two of them. I hope the next update either fixes this or gives us the ability to dig up a crop before it’s ready to harvest. I’ve mistakenly planted a crop more than once and had to wait for it to finish.

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