Disney Dreamlight Valley Missing Chests Explained

In our Disney Dreamlight Valley Missing Chests Explained guide, we are going to solve the case of the vanishing Dark Wood Vintage Chests. This is a situation that the developers have created and haven’t communicated very well. So, if you’ve logged in and your chests are gone, it’s definitely a cause for panic. Here’s what’s actually happening.

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disney dreamlight valley missing chests explained
Disney Dreamlight Valley Missing Chests Explained

Dark Wood Vintage Chests Missing in Disney Dreamlight Valley Explained

First off, the Dark Wood Vintage Chests missing in Disney Dreamlight Valley is not a devastating bug. Well, it shouldn’t be. Rather, the developers have decided to make this particular type of chest indoors-only. I have no idea why; it seems like a very random and unnecessary change. Whatever the case, the devs are not monsters; they haven’t just deleted both the chest and all your hard-earned stuff. You’ll find them in your furniture inventory under Storage. So, go into your house and open the Storage furniture menu. You should find the “lost” chests in there, so just plop them wherever you have room. All the items in the chests should still be in them.

So, yeah, that’s the explanation behind the missing Dark Wood Vintage Chests in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The Light Wood version should still work for storing stuff outside. Now, if you don’t see the chests in your inventory, or they end up empty, that’s a problem. Unfortunately, we don’t know of any fixes, aside from restarting the game. If they’re still not there, then your only recourse is contacting support. This whole mix-up seems completely unnecessary, but we all have to play by the rules the developers set, no matter how nonsensical they might seem. I certainly can’t tell you why Light Wood Vintage Chests work outside, but the Dark wood ones don’t. If you have any idea, let me know in the comments.

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