The g[REDACTED] Disney Dreamlight Valley

In the patch notes for the latest update to Disney Dreamlight Valley, perceptive players noticed something very interesting. Namely, at the bottom of the New Content and Features list, there was a strange entry. It reads The g[REDACTED]. What can this mean? Well, we have several theories as to what the g[REDACTED] in Disney Dreamlight Valley really stands for, and we invite you to join us as we analyze all the different possibilities here.

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The g[REDACTED] Disney Dreamlight Valley
The g[REDACTED] Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley The g[REDACTED]

So, what does this The g[REDACTED] mean in DDV? Well, while we still don’t know for sure, there are a couple of definite possibilities that it points to. First of all, the fact that it is under the “New Content and Features” category definitely counts for something. The first theory is that we are finally getting an answer to the long-awaited mystery of the Golden Potato. The Golden Potato has been in the game for several months now, and we have yet to find a purpose for it. We can’t sell it, cook, or gift it. As such, the g[REDACTED] could stand for Golden Potato and we may finally get the resolution for its purpose in the game.

The other theory is that this could have something to do with the new friend in the game. As of right now, there are 24 friends, though we have only managed to meet 23 of them. If this is indeed referring to a new character, it’s one that starts with the letter G. Though, since the letter g is lowercase, it’s also more than possible that this theory isn’t true. In any case, we are going to update this guide as soon as more information has become available. In the meantime, we’ll just have to wonder what The g[REDACTED] and the Red Potato are used for in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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