Disney Dreamlight Valley Ursula Missing, Not on the Map

Disney Dreamlight Valley is full of all types of Disney characters, from heroes to villains. One of the most memorable Disney baddies is, of course, none other than Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Once you have unlocked the Dazzle Beach area and freed the fearsome Sea Witch, you will then be able to interact with her and build up your relationship with Ursula and perform some quests for her. But many Disney Dreamlight Valley players are having a problem with this since Ursula is missing and not on the map. Here’s how you can fix this problem of Ursula not showing up.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Ursula Missing, Not on the Map
Disney Dreamlight Valley Ursula Missing, Not on the Map

How to Fix Ursula Missing & Not on the Map Bug in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you have freed Ursula, she is supposed to then show up and tell you that she wants you to help her by building a new house for her. However, for some players, it seems like Ursula has disappeared and isn’t showing up. What to do in this case? Well, according to the developers, this is a known bug. To fix it, you can try several things. The first method is to restart your game and then look for Ursula either in the ponds or out at sea using your Map. Many players have managed to find her by scrolling all the way out on the Map and spotting her in the middle of the ocean. Then, they went to the beach and when they saw her out in the distance, Ursula started swimming toward them and initiated a conversation.

Another thing that worked is to fish at the ponds in the Meadow. Since an NPC will always join in to watch, there’s a chance that Ursula will appear here. There is one other issue that can crop up. Once you have talked with Ursula and gotten the quest to build her house, there is a bug that doesn’t provide players with info about what they need to do here. Actually, the trick here is that you need to build her house on water. Once you have done that, she will appear and thank you and you will have completed this quest. And if none of these solutions work, the only thing left to do is to contact Disney Dreamlight Valley support for further assistance.

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  1. E

    Just a heads up, I had done all that you said but still couldn’t find her. I read somewhere else that it’s actually because you have to PLACE her house first before she will come find you. Her house can be found in the furniture tab under house. (It also costs 8k to set up so make sure you have enough money.)

    1. J
      Jack Gardner

      You’re an absolute HERO!! Thanks so much!

    2. H

      I would have been stuck forever THANK YOU

    3. P


  2. L
    Leticia McCallum

    I have tried to do everything listed above but she still isn’t showing up

    1. M
      Megan A

      Did you find the fix?

  3. K
    Katie G

    I couldn’t find Ursula either. I tried restarting my game and looking in the ocean. I placed her house and built it and she was sleeping (I was playing at night). So if you’re playing at night and can’t find her she might be sleeping and you need to build her house!

    1. I
      Isa W

      I only play at night thank you!

    2. D
      Daniel Askew-Hargreaves

      I keep finding her in the Mysterious Cave and to release her to which her to Vanessa and she is free but she won’t use her house

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